Primal: Origins

by Trey Palmer



People think I'm exaggerating when I say I had 10 years of music on hold. I don't know why, I always just played what I wanted to hear and when I was satisfied with a track that was good enough for me. Or why now? Why release all this stuff 10 years later, when I've forgotten how to play half the songs and most of the solos...because it jams. It just jams. This album was a period of time where I was unbridled in my approach. I would try anything. Any scale, real or imagined. Any harmony. Any tone. Any effect. Any design. This isn't even to say it all sounds good lol...for a kid with a hobby, recording on an old PC, through a cheap input/fx modeler, made my own samples for a free drum machine, used a $5 mic for anything acoustic on the cheapest DAW money could's all pretty fantastic. Raw. True. Why now? Because even though I was proud of it then, when these tunes come up on my iPod I'm still enthralled by them. When people hear it and that square ass look comes across their face, "What the hell is THIS?!?" and I say oh, just me lol... Why now? Why not then? I really don't know. Pretty killer tunes though, eh?


This album will be like 30 tracks when it's all said and done. It's going to be more of an era than an album haha... let it be known, these tracks will be made available for free but if you should choose to donate to my cause, it will be greatly appreciated.

Also, due to the fact that I haven't even crossed the $20 mark I have uploaded as much as they will allow me to upload. $20! I'm selling 7 albums worth of badass music for like 15 bucks, I'm pretty sure it's worth it...


released June 20, 2017

Jeremy Schwanke - vocals - Into the Unknown
Seemingly endless time to work on music at the condo...
All Me For Real



all rights reserved


Trey Palmer Spring, Texas

Hi I'm Trey. I write lots of music, play lots of instruments and have a lot of fun doing it. Thanks for your support!!!

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Track Name: The Space Between
Stare into that reflection of yours, Mr. Vanity
The space between must distort what you see
cuz where you find yourself complete
Forever it will reflect all your deeds ohhhh

Are you scared of what the darkness sees?
So wrapped in what you tell, have you found yourself in hell?

Sins are forgiven, but you are insistent,
to love yourself and deny their existence,
What reasons do you have to show resistance?
Pride stands between a transitionnnnnnnn

I will be here watching you, reflecting....

Are you scared of what the darkness sees?
So wrapped in what you tell, have you found yourself in hell?
IN HELL!!!!!!
Track Name: Falling Sky
Pouring in from an endless river,
Horizons beyond drift in sight...
As the 4 winds blow a shiver,
Martyrs prepare their sacrifice,

Knowledge can build towers tall,
Through time all pillars must fall to reveal all,
Only cowards die beneath crumbled walls...
Track Name: Omega
I, Infinite
I who will remain,
I who will not stay...
I have no boundary,
I am consciousness,
I have cause to breathe,
Forced I must move toward,
I am not nothing,
Yet this I cannot explain...
I have all questions,
I am not answered,
I have to find everything,
I look to the sky,
I see not but night,
Endless in expansion of existence!

Faith in my own belief, in what I've learned,
You've given me this...
Mine to do what I wish so I'll live as I see fit,
Nothing in the way,
Nothing to repay,
I will stand next to you equal,
My independence is no declaration of war against Alpha,
I am the Omega!