Primal: Cre​-​8​-​ion

by Trey Palmer



First of all, if the name isn't a give-away, this album consists of and was inspired by the 8 string guitar. It's a new take on writing for me and what metal can be came out of it, picture a symphony but instead of violins and cellos it's just like 30 of me tearing an 8 string in half!! Layer upon layer exists in all ranges and there will undoubtedly be more revealed to you the more you listen. This is undoubtedly metal but almost genre-less and at the same time, all-encompassing. The best qualities of technical extremes like death and black metal, the speed and sheer energy of thrash metal, the musicality of progressive metal, the headbanging moments, the high flying solos...all wrapped up in a pretty little package for you. Enjoy!

Also, be on the lookout for the "8th Wonder" coming at some point. I've sat on these jams long enough, hoping to get the 8th and final track in position but at long last, I've decided to move forward. I don't want to force a song into the mix just to say I did it. And who knows, I may never complete the 8th Wonder but these jams are just too juicy to hold back on the thought that I might, at some point, one day, maybe complete another song.

Hails to you, Hails to the ones who came before us, and Hails to the all mighty riff!! \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/\m/\m/\m/\m/


released June 13, 2017

Credit goes to my beautiful wife, who probably thinks I'm just staring at the computer for hours on end. Thanks for the sammiches, I'd probably fall out if you didn't come check on me!



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Trey Palmer Spring, Texas

Hi I'm Trey. I write lots of music, play lots of instruments and have a lot of fun doing it. Thanks for your support!!!

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